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Traces of Apparitions

Diederik Peeters
Drawings, 2018
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In this exhibition, Diederik Peeters is presenting a series of drawings and a sculpture from Apparitions, a project in which ghosts play the lead role.

For Traces of Apparitions he took on the role of visual artist. The drawings can be understood as echo’s of a ghostly figure: they are neither here nor there, neither dead nor alive. Decapitation is based on a photo of Peeters, taken by Miet Warlop. Just like Alice disappearing down the rabbit’s hole, also Peeters needed to look for a gateway into the backside of reality. In Exorcisme 1,2,3 Peeters freed himself of a diversity of demons. Also these can be understood as exercises in disappearing, much like a magician cutting his assistance into pieces. Peeters narrates about his fourth drawing in this series: ‘I was ready to take a pair of scissors to my ear, when I remembered this had been done before by a well known artist. I thus went for an Adhorcisme: instead of exorcising ghosts or demons, I decided to magically add some.’ Drapes and 4 Headsare layered portraits of a number of people, characters and ghosts that crossed Diederik Peeters’ path throughout the project. In addition to the drawings, the exhibition also includes George, a sculpture made in collaboration with Christoph Hefti and Jérôme Dupraz. George is a biotechnological head which will allow to revive the dead in the year 2087. He is the reincarnation of ‘Dead’, the lead vocalist of the Norwegian Black Metal band Mayhem, who committed suicide in 1991. ‘Dead’ suffered from Cotard Syndrome, a neurological disease which was first described by Jules Cotard in 1878 – the year Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Patients with Cotard Syndrome are convinced they are dead, or immortal, which paradoxically results in quite the same condition.