Miet Warlop, Springville


concept Miet Warlop
design Miet Warlop & Sofie Durnez
outside eye Nicolas Provost
technical assistance BUDA: Akim Hassani, Hans Valcke, CAMPO: Piet De Poortere
Production Bram Coeman, Laura en Lies Vanborm
photographs by ® Hiel

with: Diederik Peeters/Michiel Soete, Arend Pinoy/Seppe Baeyens/Namik Mackic, Sofie Durnez, Katja Dreyer/Sumalin Gijsbrechts/ Nele Keukelier, Laura Vanborm & Miet Warlop


In 2009 Peeters and Warlop agreed to perform in each other's performances. Warlop appeared in 'Thriller...' as Peeters did in 'Springville'. More info on the work of Miet Warlop: www.mietwarlop.com.

In Springville we witness the constant metamorphosis of a small world. Characters, half human, half object, attempt to function with and in the proximity of one another. They play a moving game of chaos, expectation and surprise. They gradually lose their familiar nature and the surroundings change into a silent landscape that grows wild and unfolds into eternity. Springville is a performance where the image prevails. Scenography, costumes, props and characters are closely interwoven and merge together.