preparation thoughts for Saturday


Three Tables for Testing Art & Political Action

On Saturday we will gather to discuss, think, argue and ask questions about political action in art practice....

We've invited several artists to stimulate our talks with examples from their own work - - then we the participants are free to react and push forward the conversation together.

Click on the coloured hyperlinks below for a few resources that can prepare the ground and enrich our thinking...

About the artists we have invited:

WochenKlausur: Wochen Klausur's website has several writings on their social interventions - including responses to key questions about art activism, a description of their methods, and an overview of historical context.

Jeanne Van Heeswijk: Jeanne's site gives an overview of her work on socially committed art projects that take place in public spaces.

Heath Bunting: here's a brief biography of Heath with a list of his projects, and the site of IRATIONAL which indexes many of his collaborations.

BAVO: the site of BAVO gives an overview of their activities. Texts they have published in English include: 'How Much Politics Can Art take?' and 'Always Choose the Worst Option - Artistic Resistance and the Strategy of Over-Identification'

Further ideas:

A short editorial 'What Can Art Do for Real Politics?' written by Joanna Warsza & Artur Zmijewsk - who were curators of the recent 7th Berlin Biennale focused on politics and art. And a longer article 'Forget Fear' by Zmijewsk about the Biennale.