Netwerk Podium

Laura Deschepper, Jan Hiddink, Sammie Sedano
Podcast, 2021

This Netwerk Podium Podcast was an initiative of WORM and Laura Deschepper, created with the support of Fonds voor Cultuurparticitatie and produced by SPIN

@norowmo on IG

WORM, a cultural institution in Rotterdam, investigates its long term relations with local communities, makers and practices. How does this institution build those connections? And vice versa, how do you build a beneficial relationship with WORM? How does a programming practice change into a network based practice?

All these questions and more will are discussed between the podcast host, Sammie Sedano, and the guests. In the last episode you hear Janpier Brands, the director of WORM, closing this reflection series.

The podcast is mostly in Dutch. Listen HERE or on Spotify HERE

Episode 1 - 'Wat is het Netwerk Podium'?

Episode 2 - 'Markers, Initiatieven en Programmatoren'

Episode 3 - 'De wisselwerking met WORM'

Episode 4 - 'Beleving en reflecties'

Episode 5 - Napraten met Janpier Brands en Sammie Sedano'


Jan Hiddink editor-in-chief

Laura Deschepper editor and executive producer

Radboud Mens mixing

Sammie Sedano host

Jetsonsoundz sound design

Norowmo cover art


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“Make My Heart Go!” - Josimar Gomes

Thanks to

Janpier Brands, director at WORM

Kas Pijs, production WORM RADIO

Lukas Simonis, Sound Studio

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@worm_rotterdam on instagram

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