Open Bazaar #2 -

Laura Deschepper
Panel Discussion, 2020

Invited by Aguablanda

Picture by Burak Arikan. Source: 'GRANER' website, 2020

In February, when the Covid-19 virus did not yet shake up Europe’s reality, I went to Barcelona. What a great time to visit: t-shirt weather days, the Sâlmon Festival in full bloom and I was able to meet people - in real life, no less! - during the Open Bazaar #2

On the 7th February 2020 four guest speakers were invited by Graner and Agua Blanda to the panel discussion around ‘Organisation Models on the Performing Arts Management’, accompanied by the wonderful Julien Fournet (L’amicale, FR), Matías Daporta (Agua Blanda, Catalonia), Marine Budin (ElClimaMola, Catalonia) and Tânia Guerreiro (SelfMistake, PT). You can watch the conversation here.

We talked about our practices, different local urgencies, tendencies and policies, and the ways we react to them. Naturally, the precarity of the arts was a recurrent topic, which nonetheless triggered us to wonder and think of alternative universes, where resistance and resilience made room for empowerment of the artistic practice.

“With this event we want to highlight the need to develop new organization models, more sustainable and horizontal ones, as well as ways to collaborate in the performing arts that may show the nature of the artistic community and that enable disengagement from certain old legacy.

In order to think over all these matters and different specific issues we encounter when organizing living arts and contemporary dance projects, we have invited four initiatives that work in different contexts and with different organizational models, and that they address the challenges of the existing performing art creation with management.”

(Quote Graner, source: Graner 2020 )

Hosted by Graner (Creation Centre for Dance and Live Art)

Invitation and moderation by Aguablanda

Participants: ElClimaMola, L'Amicale, SelfMistake and SPIN



GRANER, Barcelona (ES)