Wilson y Los Más Elegantes, 2014
Hans Bryssinck
Film, Performance
Now We Do It for Real, 2011
Hans Bryssinck & Zhana Ivanova
The Kindness of Geometry, 2011
Hans Bryssinck & Dolores Bouckaert in collaboration with Aarich Jespers
Everything Will Survive Me, 2010
Hans Bryssinck
in the context of THINGS, an exhibition curated by Anat Stainberg
Zanahoria, 2010
Bryssinck & Peeters
One Man Snow - Film, 2009
Hans Bryssnick, Christoph Hefti & Peter Podworksi
Hans Bryssinck
One Man Snow, 2008
Hans Bryssinck & Christophe Hefti
Chuck Norris doesn't sleep, he waits, 2007
Anesiadou, Bryssinck & Peeters
Silent Manifesto, 2005
Sterven in Stijl, 2005
Hans Bryssinck & Dolores Bouckaert
Los Viernes, 2003
Bryssinck & Peeters
At Least Begin to Make an End, 2002
Bryssinck & Peeters
Bryssinck & Peeters
We Want to Communicate, 2001
Bryssinck & Peeters
The Mall, 1999
Hans Bryssinck in collaboration with Inge Van Bruystegem
Zanahoria - Video Lecture
Bryssinck & Peeters
in collaboration with koïlab.