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Apparition of an Afterlife

Diederik Peeters
Installation, 2017
Mr. Peteers

For this module of the 'Collected Apparitions' project, the challenge was to create an installation for the white cube of an art gallery. The installation dusts off the 'Pepper's Ghost', a 19th century optical illusion used at the end of the 19th century to make ghosts appear on stage. Heads, inspired by ventriloquist puppets but animated by servomotors, wake up slowly in an unstable and dreamlike environment to discover that they have a voice. Like a sort of mechanical cinema, the installation meditates the dynamic between skepticism and faith, illusion and reality, or the familiar and the strange.

© Tom Callemin
© Tom Callemin

an installation by Diederik Peeters in close collaboration with Jérôme Dupraz & Koen Jansen (robotics), Henri-Emmanuel Doublier (light-design), Christoph Hefti (styling), Anna Czapski (artistic advice), Marion Le Guerroué (production management), Camillle Bono (logistics) and Laura Deschepper (administration)

an associated production of SPIN & L'Amicale

co-produced by Netwerk Aalst

in partnership with BUDA Kortrijk

supported by the Flemish Community



Théâtre de Poche, Hédé-Bazouges (FR)


House of Mysteries, Gent (BE)


Residenz, Schauspiel Leipzig (DE)​​​ (Spinnerei Rundgang)


Playground Festival, Stuk Leuven (B)