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How To Invoke Apparitions

Diederik Peeters
Lecture, 2017

Mr. Edison and his Phonograph, 1878

Starting from the classical format of a lecture, this first module was an opportunity to deepen and share the historical research at the heart of Peeter's project 'Apparitions'. But, particularly interested by the unexpected connections that can arise between historical anecdotes and characters, he quickly slips from conference into a spiritist séance. The spirit of Dracula himself proposes to do a lecture on Pythagoras. Immediately he is interrupted by the spirit of Thomas Edison, who links the invention of the phonograph, the birth of scientific neurology in France, and Norvegian Black Metal...

©Pieter Kers
©Pieter Kers
©Pieter Kers

A lecture by Diederik Peeters in close collaboration with Anna Czapski(irrational advice), Henri-Emmanuel Doublier & Ivan Fatjò (technical stunts), Lieven Dousselaere (sonoric advice), Marion Le Guerroué (production management),Camillle Bono (logistics) and Laura Deschepper (administration)

Supported by the Flemish Community

An associated production by SPIN and Amicale de Production