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The Dr. Delusion Show

Diederik Peeters
TV-show, 2020
Videostill © Luca Mattei

Commissioned by Paranoia TV, we shot 3 episodes of a TV-series in the set of Apparitions (the show) – which was stored away in its cases due to the pandemic. The endeavour was a genuine blitz-operation: in no more than 2 weeks time we went from scenario-writing to final edit.

I took the opportunity to delve a bit deeper into a long-lasting fascination with some so-called ‘identity-disorders’ such as the Fregoli Syndrome, the Doubles Delusion or the Cotard Syndrome. Every episode focuses on a particular neurological disorder, and uses the set and the illusions it provokes to draw a precise, albeit abstract picture of the inner workings of these conditions.

"Most directly dealing with this festival edition’s tagline is Belgian artist and performer Diederik Peeters. His Dr. Delusion Show consists of three videos, in each of which he is presenting curious pathological cases: the Cotard’s or “walking corpse” delusion, the Doppelgänger syndrome and the rare Frégoli disorder. There is something comically awkward about his show, with the use of puppets and Peeters’s rhetorics only adding to the uncanniness of it all. Surreal, eery and morbid visions (...)" - Pieter Vermeulen in Hart, 16/10/2020

Videostill © Luca Mattei
Videostill © Luca Mattei
Videostill © Luca Mattei
Mayhem - Dawn of The Black hearts (albumcover)

A TV-Show by Diederik Peeters, in close collaboration with Jonas Chéreau (performer), Henri-Emmanuel Doublier (lights), Marion Le Guerroué (production, script & artistic advice), Thomas Riou (logistics), Ben Personne (make-up) and Luca Mattei (camerda & editing). Original Music by Grégoire Blanc & Lieven Dousselaere. Additional Music by Massimo Carozzi.

Commissioned and coproduced by Paranoia TV / steirischer herbst '20

An associated prodcution by SPIN & L'Amicale

Thanks to Kaaitheater

With the kind support of the Flemish Government

Videostill © Luca Mattei