Werner, what a coincidence!

Hans Bryssinck

Concept Hans Bryssinck
Performance Werner Hirsch
Production Margarita Production for The Other vzw
With the support of Beursschouwburg, Buda kunstencentrum, wp Zimmer, de Vlaamse overheid

©Hans Bryssinck

Hans Bryssinck invited Werner Hirsch to mount a series of photos based on found footage and biographical imagery. In those photos they play with coincidence and the fact of finding oneself somewhere in between. Werner will really be in between everything: in between other things, but also between the devil and the deep sea and between pillar and post. Here again he shows the real chance, while he had yet scenes another fortuity. In the presentation, ending their working period, Werner will reinforce the confusion about what is real, what is a coincidence and what is fiction!

©Hans Bryssinck
©Hans Bryssinck



Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE)