Not Found On

Aay Liparoto
Research project (Website, Workshops, Publication, Installation), 2019 - ongoing

Project initiator: Aay Liparoto

Everything you own you've had to build on stolen ground by Not Found On, 2020 Published by Publication Studio Rotterdam. ISBN: 9789492308290

"Not Found On is the desire to co-create an online ‘space’ to value and share feminist queer arts and social knowledge Recognising that lgbtqia+ ‘spaces’ are often far more than just bars, just bookclubs, just dances, just sports teams, just a magazine or just performances. They have also been sites of community building, sites of resistance, sites of political organisation, sites of transformation, sites of healthcare, sites of survival and sites of knowledge creation. The 'space' is to celebrate knowledge created through subjective lived experience of (some) queer bodies. Asking how can we record and share these in a meaningful way for our communities? What can we learn from each other?" (, 2021)

​T I M E L I N E



[ 1 ] Think Tank Day: Rotterdam @

Worm (with Rae Parnell)

[ 2 ] Queer co-writing: Brussels @

RoSa Library (with Laura Desc)

​[ 3 ] Queer co-writing: Imagining

queer space on & Off line Rotterdam @

Tender Centre

[ 4 ] Not Found On: Liverpool queer

landscape @ FACT

[ 5 ] Queer Aesthetics’ DIY Poster

making @ Fact

[ 6 ] Queer co-writing: Allyship

within the community @ The Bagelry (

hosted with performer and writer

Conway McDermott)

[ 7 ] Queer Privacy? the online @Fact

Lab (Bring your laptop hosted with


[ 8 ] Include your community @ Static

Gallery (Bring your laptop)

[ 9 ] Queer Soap Box - Do you have something to share IRL?

Share with me * @ Open Eye Gallery

[ 10 ] Hot Bodies-Choir - Workspace

Brussels, Singing the internet

[ 11 ] Include your community - @ ECT,


[ 12 ] Wiki Building Meet up @

Workspace Brussels

[ 13 ] Cooking up Publication, Reading

& review @ Workspace Brussels (hosted

with Tessel)

[ 14 ] Queer co-writing: Allyship

within the community With Transmedaile @ Trum (

hosted with COVEN BERLIN )

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Project initiator: Aay Liparoto

Designer : Cristina Cochior,

Development: Laura Deschepper,

Production:Frederic Van de Velde,

Webdesign: Jessica Winters

Created with the support of: Worm, Stimuleringsfonds, FACT Liverpool, European Media Arts Residency, Transmediale 2020