Co-Learn Day

Hans Bryssinck, Heike Langsdorf & Erika Sprey
SPIN OFF, 2019
© C.C. Chapman

How do we deal with real dilemma?

In this co-learn day we invite you on a walk in the woods, where we will follow the path between the devil and the deep blue sea. This day we'll experiment with dilemma dialogues while walking. With a simple score for walking in the woods we will explore how we handle a dilemma in several conditions: while being on our own, being with a couple of people and being with an entire group. We will look at the underlying values and principles that inform our decisions and explore different alternatives. We aim to all end up under a big tree and take some well-informed decisions.

This day is part of a larger trajectory within SPIN in which we experiment with different modes of co-learning. In 2017 we organized two days of co-learning (2) to explore different ways that groups collectively develop & sustain action-ideas. In November 2018 we organized a co-learn day (3) around the question: how to develop better practices in taking decisions as a group? And there is more to come in the future...



In the woods (details on demand)