Co-Learn Days

SPIN OFF, 2017
©Hans Bryssinck


SPIN: How to bring a larger group of people together?
Laagencia: Bring some more chairs

SPIN: How to reach out beyond the community that you already know?
Laagencia: Take the table to the street

SPIN: How to start a process with people who don’t know each other yet?
Laagencia: Ask for help to move the table to an other street

SPIN: How to sustain the energy of a group throughout a process, over a longer period of time?
Laagencia: Put some food and guaro on the table

SPIN: How to bring that group to make actions?
Laagencia: Ask them to cook some thing with that food

SPIN: How does a group dissolve? What should be kept?
Laagencia: In the same way and rhythm as the food is consumed, let the body digest and decide what to keep


We were co-learning about different ways that groups collectively develop & sustain action-ideas.

We met with 2 Colombian collectives who were visiting Brussels - 2 very different arts organisations with rich histories of group action. There was an intervention of the indepent artspace Macau in Milan. And we had a 2 hour session with Constant vzw about tools for collective intercommunication.

The door was open so people could just walk on in.

SATURDAY 4 November / (full moon)

11h-13h30 / Por Estos Dias (an experimental art space in Medellin) and Laagencia (a research platform on art & education in Bogota) shared their perspectives with us about collective organising, energising and enjoyment. Both organisations know SPIN through Hans & Ingrid’s visits to Colombia - now they were in Europe at the invitation of Pompidou Paris for the exhibition Cosmopolis - collective intelligence.

16h-17h30 / We will be joined by Emanuele Braga from Macao in Milan
Emanuele shared his knowledge from Macao's dense history as an art-space, occupation and activist group, and their recent proces of setting up an internal alternative currency.

SUNDAY 5 November

14h-16h / meet Peter Westenberg from Constant
We asked him to come talk about tech tools for group processes - tools for internal communication, knowledge exchange, decision making, etc.

©Juan Moreno
©Sebastian Cruz Roldán
©Olga Acosta
©Hans Bryssinck



Tropicana, Brussels (BE)