SPIN THIS! Radio Show

SPIN OFF, 2016

Curated by: Hans Bryssinck, Kate McIntosh, Sarah Parolin, Diederik Peeters

Guests: Gwen Breës, Carlotta Cossutta, Rodolphe Coster, Teuk Henri, Gérald Kurdian, Ciska Hoet, Mariana Matveichuk, Anna Rispoli, Ólöf Söebech, Bie Vancraeynest, Veridiana Zurita

SPIN goes RADIO this Friday 6 May @17h!

STREAM IT HERE: http://mixlr.com/spin-this

Le Chaff Café, 21-22 Place du Jeu de Balle, Brussels 1000

With a wild pirate-leap onto the radio waves we launch SPIN THIS! Radio Show.
Broadcasting live from Le Chaff café on Brussels' fleamarket - you can join us there to listen, speak, or throw tomatoes… or listen live from anywhere on the planet with the online streaming.

SPIN THIS! Radio Show will be a live and spontaneous brainstorm on the matter of engagement - political, social, personal.
We jump into inspirations and confusions about engagement - not as experts, but as people who want to talk about how we engage in public.
We're interested in problems in the public sphere that affect the many, and how we can, how we try, how we desire, how we fail to engage with those problems.
We're interested in formats of engagement - for us right now, in utopic future scenarios, in colourful historic examples.
And we have lots of personal struggles with what engagement means (maybe because we come from different countries???)!!!
So why not talk about it all together at the bar?
Also, we've never done radio before!
It's all about figuring it out as we go.

The Facebook page is live and ongoing - news will keep coming!


Yes! We have the line-up for the show, and our guests have officially confirmed……

We will be talking to Ólöf Söebech, who traveled Europe finding inspired examples of sustainable living. Gwen Breës, qui est partout, ne s'arrête jamais et milite comme il respire. Ciska Hoet is journalist, coördinator van DeWereldMorgen.be en actief in verschillende initiatieven waaronder Hart Boven Hard. Veridiana Zurita is engaging from a transatlantic distance in Brazilian politics. We're happy to invite these guests to our table at Chaff.

We'll also have contributions from Bie Vancraeynest coordinator of Jeugdhuis Chicago Maison de Jeunes and writer for MO magazine, Carlotta Cossutta , an Italian activist and academic, and Mariana Matveichuk, a researcher from Kiev. And also Anna Rispoli will drop by - she is preparing a performance with the habitants of the social housing-block around the corner from Chaff.

Last but not least we're happy to announce we'll have live-music! Teuk Henri en Rodolphe Coster will be improvising radio-jingles and sound-carpets, and Gérald Kurdian will sing some protest-songs for us all.....

Now the only thing left for us to do is to prepare the seats for our guests, and make sure our microphones work.

Hope to see you there!