Grand Magasin, Inventer des Nouvelles Erreurs


A performance by Grand Magasin

The Choir: Bettina Atala, François Gremaud, Michèle Gurtner, François Hiffler, Tom Johnson, Pascale Murtin & Diederik Peeters.

The Sopranos : Aviva Timonier et Elisa Doughty

The Flute-players : Amélie Berson, Alessandra Giura Longo.

The Music : Tom Johnson

The additional songs : GRAND MAGASIN

The Lights : Nicolas Barrot

The Production Manager : Christine Bombal

Always ready to invent new errors, old time favourites Grand Magasin set out to make an opera. They commissioned minimalist composer Tom Johnson to write music to a sentence by G.W. Leibniz. A long prelude will announce the short opera, preparing ear and mind of the spectator. Diederik Peeters and performers of 2bCompany join the team to sing the infinite disparity of leaves and the amazing variety of the world.