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Diederik Peeters
Radio Play, 2018
©Mr. Peeters

Keeping in mind Luis Buñuel's quote that - 'sound stimulates the imagination more than the image', the purpose of this module of the Apparitions project is to explore sound's ability to evoke mental images in the listener. In a short radio fiction, performed in front of an audience and broadcasted live to listeners at home, the tension between what is seen, heard and imagined becomes tangible. Another goal for this module is to step out of the 19th century dust, and to venture into the science-fiction of the 22nd century. Peeters did this by writing a (deliberately rather classical) script about a science-fiction writer who died in 2018 and wakes up in 2122, to discover a society where the dead are resurrected and actively involved in social and political debate.

A radioplay written by Diederik Peeters in close collaboration with Anna Czapski & Benjamin Seror

Conceived and performed by Caroline Daish, Diederik Peeters, Clémence Rousseau, Marion Le Guerroué

Theremin by Grégoire Blanc, Piano by George Van Dam

Sound by Pierre George

Production Marion Le Guerroué & Camille Bono

Administration Laura Deschepper & Kevin Deffrennes

An associated production by SPIN & L'Amicale

Supported by The Flemish Government & The City of Rennes



In Dreams, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen & Radio Klara


Plumes et Goudron, Salle Guy Ropartz, Rennes (F) - diffusé en live sur Radio Canal B